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Press Release

February 19, 2007
Sharp Corporation
Microsoft Corporation

EMOBILE Introduces "EM・ONE"
The Next-generation Wide-screen and Ultra-thin Mobile Broadband Terminal
with One-segment Broadcasting Feature

EMOBILE Ltd. (Head office: Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chairman & CEO: Sachio Semmoto; hereinafter "EMOBILE"), has adopted the Japanese version of the latest mobile device platform, Microsoft®;Windows Mobile®;5.0 Software for Pocket PC (hereinafter " Windows Mobile 5.0") of Microsoft Co., Ltd. (Headquarters: Shibuya-ku, Tokyo; President & CEO: Darren Huston; hereinafter "Microsoft") as its operating system (OS), and launches the next-generation mobile broadband terminal suitable for flat rate high speed mobile data communication "EM・ONE", manufactured by Sharp Corporation (Head office: Osaka, Japan; President: Katsuhiko Machida, hereinafter "Sharp"), on March 31, 2007 (The pre-orders of "EM・ONE" will be accepted from March 1, 2007).

"EM・ONE" is the next-generation mobile broadband device, which is designed to deliver a high-speed, always-on broadband environment as an alternative to a personal computer. "EM・ONE" adopts Japan's first *W-VGA (800 X 480 dot) under Windows Mobile 5.0 environment, and is also equipped with a 4.1 inch liquid crystal large screen. Furthermore, "EM・ONE" is equipped with the same keyboard structure as PCs (QWERTY keyboard), and has only 18.9 mm in width, which is considered to be one of the most slim mobile terminals with QWERTY keyboard in Japan.

* as of February 19, 2007, Handsets with Windows Mobile within Japan

EMOBILE, Sharp and Microsoft closely worked together from the basic planning stage, thus developing various functions that are released for the first time in Japan. The three companies plan to continue their alliance in the future to promote marketing in the growing mobile broadband market. Supported by the cutting-edge technology of Sharp, who is Japan's leading vendor in mobile device development, and Microsoft's technology, which combines Internet broadband communications and mobile device, EMOBILE launches its first strategic mobile handset "EM・ONE". "EM・ONE" was named after EMOBILE as a new mobile handset, which satisfies the needs of mobile data communications for both private and business purposes.

【Key Features of EM・ONE】

Dual High-speed Data Communications: HSDPA and Wireless LAN
EM・ONE supports EMOBILE's HSDPA communications service with a maximum downlink speed of 3.6Mbps*1. In addition, EM・ONE has the built-in IEEE802.11b/g compliant wireless LAN feature. It can also be used as a high-speed communications modem for PCs when connected to a PC with a USB cable.

One-segment Broadcasting
EM・ONE supports one-segment broadcasting without any additional equipment.

Wide Display
EM・ONE incorporates the industry's first*2 4.1 inch W-VGA (800X480 dot) high definition ASV LCD*3. Most PC websites can be viewed without horizontal scrolling. One-segment broadcasting widescreen programs can also be viewed.

18.9mm-thin Mobile Device
Superior in mobility, EM・ONE is the first mobile communications terminal in Japan with QWERTY keyboard and has only 18.9mm in width.

Three-operation Style "Dual Slide"
EM・ONE adopts the new-concept "Dual Slide Mechanism", by which the operation panel can be opened and closed either horizontally or vertically. Users can select three operation styles according to their usages: "Control Style", "Input Style", and "View Style".

Built-in Digital Camera
EM・ONE has the built-in CMOS digital camera (1.31 mega pixels). Close-up, photo and video features are available. QR and JAN codes are also supported.

Excellent Usability
EM・ONE has a mouse-like pointing device. With the newly developed "Net Walker®;", users can view their favorite websites by simple operations of the scroll wheel, such as rotating or stopping.
Home menu is also provided to store favorite applications and operate them by one touch.

Touch Panel Operation
EM・ONE has "Touch Panel Operation", by which simple operations can be made using a stylus pen. Touch panel display also allows smooth display and improves usability.

PC Email Address
EM・ONE supports PC email addresses, by incorporating Microsoft Outlook®;Mobile email software which uses POP, and SMTP*5. Users can send and receive email messages with attachments.
In addition, EM・ONE installs Sharp's original email software "SH Mail", which improves the usability to send, receive and manage email.

PC Documents
EM・ONE installs Windows Mobile 5.0, which supports mouse, pointing devices, QWERTY keyboard, as well as data reading for Power Point, PDF files, and data editing for Excel®; and Word files. Internet browsing software, Internet Explore®;Mobile reinforces various software functions, such as enhancing operability and high-resolution display. EM・ONE also installs Opera Mobile Internet browser, which allows multiple page tab display.

USB Peripheral Devices
EM・ONE is equipped with USB port, which support USB peripheral devices for Windows Mobile, such as keyboard and mouse *6.


EM・ONE displays presentations on a big screen, by connecting to an LCD projector using an (optional) RGB adapter.

Built-in BluetoothTM

EM・ONE has built-in Bluetooth, which allows wireless connection with other EM・ONE or Bluetooth compliant peripheral devices (such as keyboards) *7 within its 10m range.

EM・ONE allows users to synchronize their data with PCs by using the ActiveSync feature.
Moreover, EM・ONE can simultaneously synchronize with PC and charge its battery pack, by using an optional cradle.*8

Comfortable and Stress-free Operating Environment

EM・ONE adopts "Marvell®;PXA270 application processor 520MHz"as its CPU. The processor has multimedia processing and low power consumption features for PDAs and mobile phones. EM・ONE also adopts Flash memory and RAM (512MB and 128MB), which enables a comfortable operating environment.

*1 Numbers are theoretical maximum downlink speeds, and do not indicate actual transmission speeds.
*2 As of February 19, 2007, Handsets with Windows Mobile within Japan
*3 ASV=Advanced Super View, which is suitable for playback of animation and static pictures requiring high definition display, offering an excellent response with high contrast.
*4 Computer keyboard setting. The name derives from the first six letters on the top row of letters on a keyboard.
*5 POP is a protocol used to receive email messages from the server on which the messages are stored on the Internet or Intranet. SMTP is a protocol to send and/or forward email messages. These are currently the most widely used protocols.
*6 Cable adapter is necessary, and not all USB equipment is supported.
*7 Not all wireless connections with Bluetooth equipment are supported.
*8 While the unit is being charged by its cradle, or while watching TV with it placed in its cradle, it is not possible to charge the battery pack and large capacity battery pack at the same time.

[Basic Specifications]

Model Name



Microsoft®;Windows Mobile®;5.0 Software for Pocket PC Japanese version.


Marvell®;PXA270 520 MHz

Graphic Chip



Flash Memory 512MB/SDRAM 128MB


800 X 480 dot 4.1 inch 65,536 colors ASV LCD (with backlight)


HSDPA, IEEE802.11b/g, Bluetooth 1.2


Approx. 1.31 mega pixel (effective pixels)


Internal Speaker (Stereo), Mic


miniUSB port (host function compliant), cradle port, RGB adapter port, headphone jack (flat), AC Adapter port

Memory Card Slot



Approx. 140(W) X 70(H) X 18.9(D)


Approx. 250g (with battery pack and stylus pen)

Usage Time

Approx. 4 hours

[Main Software]
StationMobileTMfor S01SH, Netwalker®;;, Home Menu, Email (Outlook®;compatible), SH mail (original email software), Internet Explorer®;Mobile, Opera MobileTM;, Calendar, Address book, Task, memo, Excel®;Mobile, Power Point®;Mobile, Windows Media®;Player 10 Mobile, Camera, Pictures and Video, Calculator, Games, Picsel PDF Viewer®;;, ActiveSync, e-book viewer, DicLand (electronic dictionary), Barcode reader, Packet counter

*Microsoft, Windows Mobile, Outlook, Excel and PowerPoint are the registered trademarks or trademarks of Microsoft Corporation in the United States or other countries.
*All other names of companies and products described above are the registered trademarks or trademarks of respective companies.


*Pictures are images, the actual terminals may be different.


*Pictures are images, the actual terminals may be different.

The information is true and accurate at the time of publication. Price, specification, contact and other information of products and service may be subjected to change.