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Press Release

February 25, 2008

EMOBILE Introduces its Mobile Voice Plan
Free Monthly Fee and Unlimited Free Calls for 24 hours
Japan's first 24 hour free on net calls with "Flat Rate Pack 24"
Mobile data and voice bundled service starting from 0 yen per month

EMOBILE Ltd. (Headquarters: Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chairman & CEO: Sachio Semmoto; hereinafter "EMOBILE") launches its voice service on March 28, 2008. The application for Mobile Number Portability services also start from March 28, 2008.

1. Services(Amounts are tax included)

(1) Voice Service
EDomestic incoming and outgoing callsiFixed line, Mobile phone, PHS, IP phonej
EInternational incoming calls: We plan to start outgoing international calls and international roaming soon.

(2) Short Message Service (SMS)
Messaging services among EMOBILE users
(Application unnecessary, free monthly fees, free receiving fees, sending fees only)

(3) Domestic Roaming (Please refer to the press release entitled "Start of Domestic Roaming Services with the Voice Service Launch" for further details)
Data and voice services are available within the domestic roaming areas. (Application necessary, monthly fee of 105 yen). *The service is available on compatible handsets only.

(4) Network Services
EAnswering service, caller identification service, number request, call forwarding service (Application unnecessary, free basic monthly fee)
E"Call Waiting" service (Application necessary, monthly fee of 210 yen)
EOther dial services:

Emergency calls to police (110), Japan Coast Guard (118), fire department and ambulance services *(119)*; automated time service (117), weather forecast (area code +177), disaster messaging service (171)
*Emergency calls to the fire department and ambulance services are supported limited areas. After start of the services, they will subsequently be expanded.

(5) Other Services(Application necessary)
Invoice issuance service (monthly fee of 157 yen), support service (monthly fee of 315 yen), itemized invoice service (monthly fee of 105 yen/mobile phone)

2. Initial Fee(Amounts are tax included)
The following initial fees are requiredF
EInitial payment
Basic(including annual discount)
Shin Ninen*
(New 2 Year Plan)
Shin Ninen*
(New 2 Year Plan)
Gokanyu Assist Ninen (Initial Assist Plan)

* Long term discount is applied when users sign up for the 2 year contract.

E Contract fee is 2,835 yen.
The fee is charged together with the first monthly fee.

ƒGokanyu Assist Ninen (Initial Assist Plan)„
We offer "Gokanyu Assist Ninen" to help reduce the financial burden of the initial payment. The initial fee will be reduced by 24,000 yen by paying 1,000yen per month for 2 years.

3. Pricing plan "Mobile Phone Plan" (Amounts are tax included)

EMOBILE offers the "Mobile Phone Plan" with a free monthly fee.

Data Access Fee (1)
Call Charges
Monthly Fee
Domestic Call Charge (3)
1,000 - 4,980 yen (2)
18.9 yen/30 sec to any destinations
2.1 yen/message

(1) Data access fee is a total of the monthly fee of 1000 yen (23,825 packets) and the packets communication fee of 0.042 yen per packet. A price cap is set at 4,980 yen. The fee is calculated on a pro-rata basis for new contracts and cancellation of contracts.

(2) We provide a 24,000 yen discount for a two-year contract, The data access fee for a "Basic" contract, in which the contract period is unfixed, ranges from 2,000 yen to 5,980 yen per month.

(3) This fee is available when callers are within EMOBILE service area. Compatible handsets are required for data access and calls in domestic roaming areas. Application is necessary, and a monthly domestic roaming charge and communication and voices charges in domestic roaming areas will be required.

ƒMobile Phone Plan Data Set„
is a special discount service for customers contract a data card or EM-ONE(ƒ¿) services who separately through the "Data Plan". The data charge is from zero yen to 3,980 yen and voice service is available with a monthly charge starting from zero yen.
Data Access Fee (Monthly)
0 - 3,980 yen

yOptional Service "Flat Rate Pack 24"z
Free on-net calls 24 hours SMS sending fees and Japanfs lowest level call charges are available at 980 yen monthly fee.

Domestic Calls *
Sending Fee
24 hour Free calls amonEMOBILE users
9.45 yen/30 sec. to mobile phones and PHSs
5.25 yen/30 sec. to fixed lines and IP telephones

Fees for calls placed within EMOBILEfs service area. Compatible handsets are necessary for data communication and telephone calls within domestic roaming areas. Application is required in order to access the service. Monthly fees, communication and voice charges in domestic roaming areas are also applied.

4. ontract Cancellation Fee(Amounts are tax included)
Cancellation fees are charged when contracts are cancelled within the service period. "Initial month" and "After 1 month" indicate the month in which the contract was signed and the following month respectively. Cancellation fees are charged when the contracts are cancelled within 2 years from service commencement. (Users are able to check their contract periods at our online customer support, "My EMOBILE".

ƒ "Shin Ninen plus Gokanyu Assist Ninen" Contracts„
Initial month
After 1 month
After 2 months–;;;

1 year and 11 months
After 2 years
Cancellation Fee
48,000 yen
48,000 yen
46,000 - 4,000 yen
ireduced by 2000 yen each monthj
2,000 yen

ƒ"Shin Ninen" Contracts„
Initial month
After 1 month
After 2 months–;;;

1 year and 11 months
After 2 years
Cancellation Fee

24,000 yen
24,000 yen
23,000 - 2,000 yen
(reduced by 1,000 yen each month)
1,000 yen

5. Sales and Distribution
EMOBILE accepts applications at certain retail stores and On-line Store from March 1, 2008.
For further information,please refer to EMOBILE homepage at http://emobile.jp/

The information is true and accurate at the time of publication. Price, specification, contact and other information of products and service may be subjected to change.