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Press Release

October 29, 2009

EMOBILE to offer the 3G All-in-One Mobile WiFi Router
"Pocket WiFi (D25HW)" from November 18, 2009

EMOBILE Ltd. (headquarters: Toranomon, Minato-ku, Tokyo; Representative Director, Chairman & CEO: Sachio Semmoto; hereinafter "EMOBILE") introduces the "Pocket WiFi (D25HW)" - the 3G All-in-One Mobile WiFi Router, with a maximum downlink speed of 7.2Mbps¦ and uplink speed of 5.8Mbps¦ - through the EMOBILE Sales Channels from November 18, 2009.

The "Pocket WiFi" is a 3G All-in-One mobile WiFi router capable of providing a WiFi environment without any WLAN access points, as long as it is within EMOBILE service area. With its built-in battery, it is small and lightweight at approximately 80g, making it easy to carry around. Users can connect your WLAN-compatible devices like laptop computer, game console to the internet just by turning on the main power. Since up to 5 devices can be connected at once, it is perfect for using with multiple computers or game consoles with family and friends. Users of portable game consoles can use it to enjoy multiplayer games and communicate with other players on the go, enhancing your experience all the more.

¦:The speed rate is the best effort, and is not an assurance that the maximum speed according to the standards will actually be achieved.

1. Product
¡Name: uPocket WiFi iD25HWjv / by Huawei

¡Logo¡Product Image

*This is a product image, and may vary slightly from the actual product

¡Initial cost for the router (tax-included.)
2-year M
39,580 yen5,980 yen

¡Main Features

  • HSPA compatible (maximum downlink speed: 7.2Mbps, maximum uplink speed: 5.8Mbps)
  • Up to 5 devices can be connected simultaneously
  • Approx. 4 hours of continuous possible with built-in battery
  • Compact size of approximately 80g that makes it perfect for carrying around
  • Simple installation through WPS-compatibility
  • Card slot compatible with up to 16Gb microSDHCTM cards
  • USB cable connection available

The information is true and accurate at the time of publication. Price, specification, contact and other information of products and service may be subjected to change.