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2011.3.24Notice concerning the impact of the earthquakes in the Tohoku (Northeast coast) Region on Company Services (Follow-up report).(Language:Japanese)
2011.3.22EMOBILE to introduce a data card with the maximum downlink speed of 21 Mbps from 3/25/2011.(Language:Japanese)
2011.3.22EMOBILE to introduce a long-term contract discount to day time discount, " FLET'S Hikari + Hiruwari Mobile " and " Hiruwari Plan " from 3/23/2011. Those plans are now available with 42 Mbps.(Language:Japanese)
2011.3.17Notice regarding additional supports for disaster areas of the earthquakes in the Tohoku (Northeast coast) region.(Language:Japanese)
2011.3.15Notice Concerning the Impact of the Earthquakes in the Tohoku
(Northeast Coast) Region on Company Services
2011.3.14Notice regarding supports for disaster areas of the earthquakes in the Tohoku (Northeast coast) region.(Language:Japanese)
2011.3.14Notice regarding safety confirmation system during a disaster(Language:Japanese)
2011.3.4EMOBILE to launch new Pocket WiFi, " Pocket WiFi (GP01) " , with the maximum downlink speed of 21 Mbps from 3/12/2011.(Language:Japanese)
2011.3.1EMOBILE and UCOM jointly offer new MVNO service "UCOM Mobile 3G-EM" from 3/1/2011.(Language:Japanese)
2011.3.1Notice regarding the support relating to New Zealand earthquake(Language:Japanese)
2011.2.15EMOBILE to offer new optional services from 2/18/2011.
1) " Free Voice Package " for 700 yen/ month, including free calls worth 2,100 yen
2) " EM Flat-Rate Option " for 500 yen/ month which all calls and SMS from EMOBILE to EMOBILE are free of charge(Language:Japanese)
2011.2.2EMOBILE achieved 3.0million subscribers as of 1/30/2011 and continues to lead the growth in the mobile broadband market.(Language:Japanese)
2011.1.31EMOBILE to launch " Pocket WiFi Dock (F01HW) " , the first FMC product from 2/8/2011. A docking station enabling both mobile broadband and fixed line services.(Language:Japanese)
2011.1.25Cool. revo Inc. offers the bundling service of its photo TV and EMOBILE's Pocket WiFi from 1/25/2011.(Language:Japanese)
2011.1.19EMOBILE together with 3 mobile operators announce the service area coverage of tunnels in the Kyushu-Shinkansen line.(Language:Japanese)
2011.1.18EMOBILE to provide a new flat-rate plan, " FLET'S Hikari + Hiruma Mobile " , from 1/20/2011. Mobile data service is available for EMOBILE's FLET'S FTTH users from 2,980 yen/month during 2:00 a.m. to 8:00 p.m.(Language:Japanese)
2011.1.14Change in personnel and corporate structure(Language:Japanese)
2011.1.14EMOBILE to provide a wholesale mobile data service to STNet from 2/1/2011.(Language:Japanese)
2011.1.12EMOBILE's prepaid service " EM Charge " is available with DC-HSDPA 42Mbps service from 1/20/2011. 30 days flat-rate plan starts from 5,460 yen.(Language:Japanese)
2011.1.6EMOBILE to launch a new Wi-Fi router with voice function, "Pocket WiFi S (S31HW)", featuring Android&trade 2.2 from 1/14/2011. (Language:Japanese)
2011.1.6EMOBILE to introduce a new "flat-rate voice campaign" from 1/14/2011. All domestic calls within 10 minutes are free of charge (up to 500 calls a month).(Language:Japanese)
2011.1.4Year 2011 New Year Message(Language:Japanese)