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2008.12.26TCA and 5 mobile operators jointly announces for cooperation to withhold greeting calls and messages during 0am to 2am on 1/1/2009.(Language:Japanese)
2008.12.19Notice regarding trial service period (1/1/2009 - 1/3/2009) of disaster voice mail and message board services.(Language:Japanese)
2008.12.17EMOBILE announces the service areas as of November 2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.12.5EMOBILE acquired 1,000,000 subscribers (Language:Japanese)
2008.12.4EMOBILE to introduce Japan's smallest-size smart phone "Dual Diamond"(S22HT) from 12/20/2008 (Language:Japanese)
2008.12.3EMOBILE and ASCII MEDIA WORKS Inc. to jointly offer MSX game services to Windows Mobile®;(Language:Japanese)
2008.11.28EMOBILE to introduce new plan "Assist 840" to lower the initial fee of pre-paid data service "EM Charge" from 12/5/2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.11.27EMOBILE to introduce new plan "Super Light Data Plan 2yr 2480" from 12/1/2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.11.26Notice regarding the universal service fee.(Language:Japanese)
2008.11.20EMOBILE to expand its international roaming service area to Korea and India from 12/1/2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.11.18EMOBILE to commence "EMOBILE's Winter Smart Phone Campaign" from 11/20/2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.11.12EMOBILE announces the service areas as of October 2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.11.6EMOBILE to commence Japan's first HSUPA Mobile Data Service with the maximum uplink speed of 1.4Mbps. 3 compatible devices will be introduced from 11/20/2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.11.6EMOBILE to introduce its user-friendly simple voice handset "E.T. (H12HW)" from late November 2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.11.6EMOBILE to introduce its USB type data stick "H11LC" with voice and music play functions from December 2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.11.5EMOBILE to expand its international roaming service area to Spain, Italia, Austria,Belgium, etc.from 11/12/2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.10.21EMOBILE to expand its international roaming service area to USAimainlandj and Hawaii from 10/28/2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.10.10EMOBILE announces the service areas as of September 2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.10.6EMOBILE Applies for Field Trial License of
Next Generation Mobile Telecommunication System "LTE"
(Long Term Evolution)
2008.10.2EMOBILE to release "Touch Diamond" from 10/10/2008.
100 yen Initial Charge Campaign "Assist 1600" to be available until 12/31/2008.
2008.9.30EMOBILE to introduce Dial Information service.(Language:Japanese)
2008.9.24EMOBILE to expand its international service area to 162 countries from 10/1/2008.(Lauguage:Japanese)
2008.9.24EMOBILE to add new international roaming partners in HongKong and Singapore from October 2008.(Languege:Japanese)
2008.9.11EMOBILE announces the service areas as of August 2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.9.10EMOBILE announces standard pricing plan for
MVNO mobile data communication service
2008.9.9EMOBILE introduces "Touch Diamond TM" (S21HT), Japan's thinnest and lightest touch-screen smart phone from early October 2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.9.3EMOBILE to introduce its USB-type 7.2Mbps mobile data card "D12LC" equipped with Japan's first 4GB microSDHC card slot from 9/13/2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.8.28EMOBILE to commence an MVNO service to K-Opticom Corporation from 9/1/2008
K-Opticom to provide an HSDPA high-speed mobile data service "eo MOBILE" to its existing FTTH users as an optional service(Language:Japanese)
2008.8.20EMOBILE to expand its international roaming service area to Australia, France, Malaysia, etc. from 9/1/2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.8.7EMOBILE announces the service areas as of July 2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.7.24EMOBILE to add new "1-hour flat rate" and "30-day flat rate" plans to its mobile data pre-paid service "EM charge" from 7/25/2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.7.18Label Gate Co., Ltd introduces its PC music playback website "mora win" for EMOBILE's EMONSTER series from 7/18/2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.7.10EMOBILE to commence its international roaming service from 7/29/2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.7.10EMOBILE announces the service areas as of June 2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.7.9EMOBILE to start sales of EMONSTER lite (S12HT) with new Touch FLO™; interface from 7/19/2008
2008.7.9EMOBILE to introduce colorful USB type data card "D11LC" with light, compact design to suit ultra mobile PC
2008.7.9EMOBILE to introduce "Super Light Data PLan 2-year MAX" from 7/10/2008
2008.7.1EMOBILE enables TBS internet and digtal radio broadcasting "OTTAVA" on its smart phones from 7/1/2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.7.1EMOBILE adds incoming call functionality to EM·;ONEƒ¿ mobile IP phone service through JAJAH from 7/1/2008
2008.6.26Announcement of Corporate Structure and Personnel
2008.6.20ACCA and EMOBILE start 7.2Mbps mobile data MVNO service(Language:Japanese)
2008.6.18EMOBILE and HUAWEI to support Hokkaido Lake Toya Summit with free mobile broadband service(Language:Japanese)
2008.6.12EMOBILE announces the service areas as of May 2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.6.10EMOBILE to introduce Compact, Classic Voice Handset "H11HW"
Focusing on Design and Basic Functionality with affordable Video-Call Services
2008.6.10EMOBILE to Introduce "EMONSTER lite (S12HT)"
with New "TouchFLOTM" Interface in Late July 2008
2008.6.10EMOBILE to start "EMOBILE International Call" service from 7/1/2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.6.10EMOBILE to commence special campaigns to users below 29 and couples(Language:Japanese)
2008.5.27EMOBILE to enable mobile IP phone on its smart phone.(Language:Japanese)
2008.5.14EMOBILE announces the service areas as of April 2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.5.13EMOBILE to introduce Japan's first 7.2Mbps ExpressCard type data card "D03HW" from 5/24/2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.5.13Nomination to Directors and Corporate Auditor
2008.5.12ACCA and EMOBILE agree to start 7.2Mbps mobile data MVNO service(Language:Japanese)
2008.5.8EMOBILE to start EMnet Disaster Message Board Service
2008.5.8EMOBILE to expand its voice mail service functions
2008.4.30Changes in Personnel and Corporate Structure(Language:Japanese)
2008.4.16Changes in Personnel(Language:Japanese)
2008.4.14Changes in Personnel(Language:Japanese)
2008.4.4EMOBILE voluntarily recalls ExpressCard/34 type date terminal "D02OP" for potential incompatibility with certain PCs.(Language:Japanese)
2008.3.28EMOBILE commences its nationwide voice service from today with Japan's first no monthly fee and 24H free on net call service.(Language:Japanese)
2008.3.28EMOBILE announces the service areas as of March 2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.3.28EMOBILE announces the underground service areas as of March 2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.3.27EMOBILE to introduce filtering and support services compatible with EMONSTER (S11HT) and H11T.(Language:Japanese)
2008.3.27Notice regarding call charge from NTT East & West landlines and public pay phones to EMOBILE.(Language:Japanese)
2008.3.25EMOBILE to offer special "EMONSTER" campaign to "EMEONE" users from 3/28/2008 to 4/30/2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.3.24EMOBILE to offer compact CF card type 7.2Mbps HSDPA data terminal "D01NXII" from 3/29/2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.3.14EMOBILE to offer ExpressCard/34 type data terminal "D02OP" from 3/19/2008.(Language:Japanese)
2008.3.6EMOBILE to start Japan's first prepaid HSDPA mobile data service "EM Charge" from 3/25/2008. (Language:Japanese)
2008.2.28EMOBILE announces the service areas as of February 2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.2.25EMOBILE Introduces its Mobile Voice Plan
Free Monthly Fee and Unlimited Free Calls for 24 hours
Japan's first 24 hour free on net calls with "Flat Rate Pack 24"
Mobile data and voice bundled service starting from 0 yen per month
2008.2.25Start of Domestic Roaming Services with the Voice Service Launch
Voice and Data Services Become Available Nationwide
2008.2.25Emobile Introduces its First Two Voice Handsets
"S11HT"(EMONSTER) and "H11T"
Pre-order Sale to Start from March 1, 2008
2008.2.25EMOBILE introduces "Super Light Data Plan"
Japan's lowest two-tiered flat rate plan, with a monthly fee from 1,000 yen.
2008.2.25Launch of Mobile Phone Interest and Email services "EMnet". Adopt "Google Mobile" as the top browser page(Language:Japanese)
2008.2.6IIJ and EMOBILE Agree to Start MVNO Service
--IIJ's corporate data communications service, IIJ Mobile,
adds a 3G high-speed 7.2 Mbps option--
2008.1.31EMOBILE announces the service areas as of January 2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.1.29EMOBILE to change the minimum price of "Light Data Plan" to 1,980 yen from 2,480 yen(Language:Japanese)
2008.1.29EMOBILE commences the "New Life Support Campaign" from February 1st to March 31.
- Free Monthly Fee for a maximum of 2 months -
2008.1.17EMOBILE introduces new 7.2Mbps HSDPA data card, Japan's fastest PC-card-type data terminal, from 2/9/2008(Language:Japanese)
2008.1.10EMOBILE achieved over 200,000 subscribers as of December 2007 December subscriber addition was record high at 41,600(Language:Japanese)